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Website Wisdom 4: Suggested Sites from South Suburban College

Website Wisdom 4: Suggested Sites from South Suburban College

Recently, the Illinois State Library Literacy Office sent out an email including this list of websites for teachers/tutors to use when instructing learners. I have used many of the sites and plan to check out the rest. I suggest that you review them as well and see if there is something to include in your lessons.



This list of free websites to aid in the delivery of instruction to ESL learners was submitted by South Suburban College (SSC). It includes printable worksheets, great websites for listening, great stories for reading, quick activities, practicing keyboarding and adds to GED preparation. These on-line resources are designed to assist with extra help and to better prepare students to meet all standards for promotion. (great website for listening) (great stories for reading) (good for GED preparation) (fun for anyone – video snippets) (various levels of news stories)

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This website is for practicing your typing:

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