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LVWCC Drops State Funding

LVWCC Drops State Funding

While many social service agencies temporarily or permanently closed their doors last year, we stayed open.

For two years before that, LVWCC underwent a calculated pruning to become one of the leanest and greenest non-profits in the Chicagoland area. We proactively charted this course because we wanted our organization to maximize impact while reducing waste. We also wanted to keep our expenses as low as possible for the future so we could get through unexpected periods of uncertain funding.

When we did not receive a state grant payment for fiscal year 2016 until after its end, we knew that uncertainty was becoming reality. When we finally received the 2016 grant, it was only for 1/5 of what we would normally receive. So we started the 2017 fiscal year with the mindset to replace our state funding completely.

Without the paperwork burden, we can now focus more on building relationships. Still, sacrifices must be made and we must accept the fact that our game plan may need to change continuously.

One sacrifice we must make is to halt program expansion. With two Conversation CafĂ© locations, we will continue to serve any adult English language learner who wishes to participate. However, our personal tutoring program will see the most limitations. Since the personal tutoring program is what our support specialists spend a great deal of time supporting, it makes sense to cap the number of pairs we can serve to 25. We will strive to maintain 25 pairs through recruitment, testing, and training, but those activities may not be perpetually performed as they have been in the past.

Change is never easy but it's always worth it. Think of the extraordinary amount of change we expect adult learners and volunteer tutors to make in the learning process. If we ask them to "Literally Change Lives," then the staff and leadership of our organization should embrace change and improvement to the same degree.

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